On Libya

Shyakh Hamza Yusuf's take on current events in Libya.
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E-Check Feature Added to Al-Rashad Website

E-check added to Al-Rashad.com as a payment method.  No need to mail your check.  Simply payonline using your checking account and routing numbers (US customers only).

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168 Titles Restocked in February 2011

The following titles have been restocked at Al-Rashad Books in February 2011.  Additionally we have enabled a feature in the website so that you can be in the wait list and be informed as soon as any out of stock items get back in stock.
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104 New Titles Added in February 2011

The following new titles were added to al-rashad.com website in February 2011.
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Friday prayers helped feed Egyptian revolution

In a blog by Dana Gilgoff, CNN Belief Blog Co-Editor writes "[f]or three weeks, Friday afternoon prayers –  the most significant prayers of the week for Muslims - have served as catalysts for the biggest anti-government demonstrations of the Egyptian uprising."
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New Release: Hijab: The Islamic Commandments of Hijab

Assalamu Alaikum
The New Revised & Extended Translation of Hazrat Dr. Ismail Memon's book Hijab: The Islamic Commandments of Hijab will  inshallah be shipping in about two weeks. Pre-Order now to be amongst the first to receive the book. Order multiple copies to get discounts and share with friends!

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