Tooty Musk - Eau De Parfum Natural Spray (50ml/1.65fl.oz.) by Al-Rehab

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Perfume oil Tooty Musk from Al Rehab features a floral-fruity scent. 

The top note starts strong and quite sweet with blackcurrants, pink pepper and rose hips.

The sweetness becomes softer and less intense in the heart note, raspberries, blackberries and white lilies come into play here.

White musk and vanilla in the base offer a gentle and flattering finish.

Perfume Tooty Musk has rather a strong start, but one should not be put off by it. Heart and base notes transform the fragrance into a sweet, harmonious softness that enchants.

Fragrance: fruity, sweet, musky, floral, soft


        Top notes                   Middle notes                       Base notes


blackcurrants, pink pepper, rose hips


raspberries, blackberries, white lilies

white musk, vanilla

Genuine  Al-Rehab spray perfume from UAE/Saudi Arabia/Yemen.  The same beautiful fragrance now available in a spray version. 

Note that  spray perfume contains denatured alcohol.  Denatured refers to the removal of the ethanol product's usage as a beverage/drink and is considered halal to use by Muslims.  Usage of this spray perfume is approved by reliable scholars of Islam.

For External Use Only

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