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The Beginning of Guidance (Bidayat al-Hidaya)

The Beginning of Guidance (Bidayat al-Hidaya)

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Abu Hamid Al-Ghazali



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White Thread Press

By Abu Hamid al-Ghazali [Bio] Complete Arabic Text with
Facing English Translation

Translated by Mashhad Al-Allaf, Revised and Edited by Abdur-Rahman ibn Yusuf [Bio]

Imam Ghazali’s Bidayat al-Hidaya is a highly motivational manual detailing the fundamentals of acquiring guidance through God-consciousness (taqwa). Imam Ghazali argues that just as there is an end to this noble objective there is also a beginning to it, which must be made firm for one to achieve success. He then goes on to expound the fundamentals of this “beginning.” While being concise and to-the-point the manual is laid out in the form of a detailed daily timetable providing the reader strong inspiration and much heart-rending counsel. The three sections of this book are on obedience, refraining from disobedience, and the etiquette of companionship with the Creator and with creation. One of Imām Ghazālī’s final works, it embodies a lifetime of learning, experience, and spirituality and can be taken as an introduction to his larger works.
This translation published for the first time with facing Arabic text also includes many notes and transliteration for the supplications contained within.

“An excellent translation of an important book on the fundamentals of Muslim piety and etiquette. With an accessible English translation alongside the original Arabic text, this introductory work will be useful for readers interested in
exploring the realities of Islamic piety, students of Arabic and educators alike.”
jonathan ac brown University of Washington

“This welcomed translation provides Ghazali’s manual The Beginning of Guidance (Bidayat al-Hidaya) to serious students, seekers, and scholars and combines contemporary fluency with respect for sacred Islamic tradition.”
Marcia Hermansen Loyola University Chicago
Check Zam Zam Academy lectures on this book

Dr. Mashhad Al-Allaf holds a doctoral degree in Modern Philosophy: Science & Metaphysics (1995). His bachelor’s and master’s degrees concentrated on the Philosophy of Science. He has taught at Washington University, St. Louis University,
and Webster University and is the author of several works, including The Basic Ideas and Institutions of Islam (2008), Locke’s Philosophy of Science and Metaphysics (2007), and The Essential Ideas of Islamic Philosophy (2006). He is the co-author of the forthcoming Islamic Philosophy of Science and Logic (University of Pittsburgh). His current research focuses on integrative studies and multiculturalism, as well as Engineering Ethics, Biomedical Ethics, Love and Romance in Islam, and Islamic Theory of Science...

5 Stars
The Beginning of Guidance (Bidayat al-Hidaya)
ABSOLUTELY AMAZING Work!!! It should be a REQUIRED Reading for EVERY MUSLIM of ALL AGES!!! The Type of WORK that immediately pinpoints your Deficiencies and help s you Overcome them, and hence help you strive in becoming the BEST of Human Beings, the BEST of MUSLIMS. May Subhana Allah bless Imam Al Ghazali & the staff at Rashad Books for providing us with these INVALUABLE LIFE-ALTERING GEMS!!! Jazak Allah bil Khair, dear Brothers & Sisters. May Subhana Allah enlighten You and Every Single one of Your Loved Ones' Paths Insha Allah!!!
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Reviewed by:  from Fort Lauderdale. on 5/20/2014
5 Stars
Practical Book
The benefit in this book revolves around its practicality. The text is succinct, includes the Arabic text, and beautiful English translation (along with useful footnotes for those who follow the Hanafi madhab). What also makes the book beneficial is the fact that Mufti Abdur-Rahman ibn Yusuf (of ZamZam Academy), Shaykh Dr. Samir an-Nass (of Damascus, Syria), and Shaykh Faraz Rabbani (of SeekersGuidance) have lectures on it. Mufti Abdur-Rahman actually has audio lectures reading and commenting on each sub-section of the book.
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Reviewed by:  from Silver Spring, MD. on 7/20/2013
5 Stars
I bought 5 books Alhamdulillah they are just awesome!
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Reviewed by:  from Hasin from Florida. on 7/5/2013
5 Stars
The Beginning of Guidance
I have just begun to read this book but find that I am doing so slowly and carefully. There is a tremendous amount of good information here which if taken to heart can be used to great value. A happy purchase and a wonderful inspiration.
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Reviewed by:  from USA. on 5/28/2013
5 Stars
This book details a step by step method to improve your Ibadah and relationship with Allah (swt). I found it to be extremely helpful in understanding the purpose of each act of worship. It helps you realize that we were truly created for worship alone. Highly recommend it.
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Reviewed by:  from Fort Worth, TX. on 5/23/2013

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