Sheikh Ahmad Ali Lecture Series (14 CDs)

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Author: Shaykh Ahmad Ali
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10 Lectures by Shaykh Ahmad Ali on 13 CDs.

Lecture # 1 (2 CDs):-

  • Allah Loves you (Part 1)
  • Repentance (Part 2)

    Repentance Series (Double Audio CD)


    Lecture # 2:- Patience

  • Patience (Audio CD)

  • Lecture # 3:- Benefits Of Unity

    Benefits Of Unity (Audio CD)

  • Lecture # 4:- Bismillah

  • Bismillah (Audio CD)

  • Lecture # 5:- Hijaab

  • Hijaab (Audio CD)

  • Lecture # 6:- Abdur Rahman The Pious

  • Abdur Rahman The Pious (Audio CD)

    Lecture # 7:- Talha The Generous

  • Talha The Generous (Audio CD)

    Lecture # 8:- Abu Ubaidah The Trustworthy

  • Abu Ubaidah The Trustworthy (Audio CD)

  • Lecture # 9 (2 CDs):- Journey To The Heavens

  • Journey To The Heavens (Double Audio CD)

    Lecture # 10 (2 CDs):- Jerusalem - Land Of The Prophets

  • Jerusalem - Land Of The Prophets (Double Audio CD)


    About the Speaker:

    Shaykh Ahmad Ali emigrated from Pakistan to the United Kingdom at an early age. After completing his secular studies, he enrolled at Darul Uloom Al-Arabiya Al-Islamiya, a madrasa located in Northern England. There, he successfully completed the traditional Islamic studies course under the guidance of some of the best scholars in England.

    Shaykh Ahmad Ali focused his attention on the sciences of aqidah, fiqh, hadith and tafseer. After graduating, Shaykh Ahmad Ali established the al-Mahad Al-Islami in Bradford, England. This institution provides Islamic counseling, education and guidance to youth and university-age students in the area.

    Shaykh Ahmad Ali has also authored a number of books, given lectures at numerous institutions, including a special series on the signs of the Day of Judgment. Popular for his dynamic style of speaking, Shaykh Ahmad Ali has traveled across the United Kingdom and to the West Indies to spread the message of Islam

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