Reusable, Washable Silicone Personal Protection Masks with Five KN95 Filters

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From manufacturer: 
- Designed for personal respiratory protection
- Reusable and washable mask made of eco-friendly medical grade silicone.  (Wash mask with filter removed)
- 5 filters.  Each filer can be used about a week or equivalent to 35 disposable N95 masks
- Packaging includes 1 silicone mask, 1 pair of silicone band, 1 filter holder and 5 HEPA filters
- Silicone is same material as FBA approved baby pacifiers
- Light weight and adapts to different size .  Pull straps for a tighter fit.
- Tested with filtering efficiency up to 95%
- Can be sterilized with boiling water
- 3 years Storage life
- National (China) inspection certification of filtering efficiency tested 98.2%
- For optimum protection wear FBA approved mask made by reputable manufacturers like 3M etc, maintain social distance, and follow guidelines of medical professionals and CDC.

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