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Meswak Toothpaste by Dabur

Meswak Toothpaste by Dabur

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Manufacturer: Dabur (India)
Product specifications: Ingredients - Calcium sorbonate, Sorbitol, water, silica, sodium lauryl sulphate, flavour, miswak extract, cellulose gum, carrageenan, sodium silicate, sodium saccharin, fomaldehyde . 
(No Animal products.  100% Vegetarian Non Floride Toothpaste)
Item type: Miswak toothpaste tube - 7.07 oz (200g)

Product description:

Dabur Meswak Toothpaste is a rare combination of ancient wisdom and modern science. A toothpaste containing a natural herbal ingredient (miswak) recommended in the Islamic tradition and providing 70 different health benefits for the entire body. Dabur Meswak is a scientifically formulated Tooth Paste, from pure extract of the Miswak Plant, 'Salvodara Persica' the famous 'Tooth Brush Tree' used for centuries. The astringent and antibacterial properties of Meswak help reduce tooth decay, fight plaque and prevent Gum disease.
  • Fights tartar and plaque
  • Effective protection against cavities
  • Fights tooth decay
  • Fights germs and bacteria
  • Gingivial protection
  • Removes malodour

    Examples of hadith concerning the miswak

    From Sahih al-Bukhari:

    Narrated Abu Hurairah:
    The Prophet said, "If somebody eats or drinks forgetfully then he should complete his fast, for what he has eaten or drunk, has been given to him by God." Narrated 'Amir bin Rabi'a, "I saw the Prophet cleaning his teeth with Siwak while he was fasting so many times as I can't count." And narrated Abu Huraira, "The Prophet said, 'But for my fear that it would be hard for my followers, I would have ordered them to clean their teeth with Siwak on every performance of ablution." The same is narrated by Jabir and Zaid bin Khalid from the Prophet who did not differentiate between a fasting and a nonfasting person in this respect (using Siwak).

    Aisha said, "The Prophet said, "It (i.e. Siwak) is a purification for the mouth and it is a way of seeking the acceptance of God." Ata' and Qatada said, "There is no harm in swallowing the resultant saliva."

    Narrated Abu Burda:
    My father said, "I came to the Prophet and saw him carrying a Siwak in his hand and cleansing his teeth, saying, 'U' U',".

    From Sahih Muslim
    'Abd al-Rahman son of Abu Sa`id al-Khudri reported on the authority of his father that the Messenger of God said: Bathing on Friday for every adult, using of Miswak and applying some perfume or cologne, that is available-these are essential
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