Mehboob e Yazdaan - by Junaid Jamshed (Audio CD)

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Author: Junaid Jamshed
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Junaid Jamshed who is one of Pakistan's most prominent recording artists and a very well known public figure has given up his musical career and extensive brand marketing collaborations in order to pursue a new direction in life. He has a renewed focus and is now dedicated to spreading the word of Islam, and in this vein has launched his second Islamic album €œMehboob-e-Yazdaan€ after the success of his first album "Jalwa-e-Janaan." Mehboob-e-Yazdaan literally means "The Beloved of Allah."



1. Mehboob-e-Yazdaan (01:56)
2. Meray Muhammad (P.B.U.H) ka Naam (07:37)
3. Aei Rasool -e- Amin (04:36)

4. Mujhe Zindagi mein Yaa Rab(04:42)
5. Aei Allah

6. Qasida Burda - Arabic (06:38)
Ayat of Riba - Surah Al Baraqah 278-279(02:26)
8. Words of Advice - Saeed Anwar (07:15)
9. Meray Allah - Punjabi (08:18)
10. Aei Taiba(05:04)
11. Mohabbat Kiya Hai (06:29)
12.Badee - uz - Zaman


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