Letters of Al-Ghazzali

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Author: Abdul Qayyum
ISBN: 81-7151-155-4
# of Pages: 114
Type: PB
Publisher: Kitab Bhavan

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Imam Al-Ghazzali has related in one of his immortal works entitled Manqidh minad Dalal (Deliverer from Error) all that he endured in seeking to recover the truth from amidst the confusion of sects with diverse ways and paths, till he finally raised himself from the abyss of blind belief in the authority to the height of discernment, where his entranced soul pierced the veil of illusion and stood in the presence of Truth itself and the light fell distinctly on his heart.  This book is an arresting collection of the Imam's letters addressed to the Saljuqi sovereigns, viziers, princes and the learned men of his time including the famous chief minister Hasan b. 'Ali, the great Nizamul Mulk. Tusi (the friend of 'Umar Khayyam and vizier successively to Sultan Alp Arslan and to his son Jalaluddin Malik Shah) who was the most capable administrator, acute statesman, a liberal patron of letters and sincere friend to men of letters. These epistles are being rendered into English for the first time.  In them is reflected a complete self-realization of one of the most remarkable reformers of his days who refused to bow before an immoral power.


1. A letter to His Majesty Sultan Sanjar Seljuqi

2. Letters to His Excellency Nizamuddin Falhrul Mull

3. A letter to His Excellency Nizamuddin Ahmed bin Ishaq bin 'Ali Ibn Ishaq

4.  Letters to His Excellency Shihab-ul-Islam

5.  Letters to His Excellency Mujir-ud-Deen

6.  A letter to His Excellency Sa'adat Khan 77

7. A letter to one of the" Amirs 80

8. A letter to the Administrative Heads of All Government Departments

9. A letter to Qazis of Maghrib-i-Aqsa

10. A letter to Khwaja Imam 'Abbasi

11. A letter to Abul Hasan Mas'ud bin Muhammad bin Ghanam

12. A letter to All the Prominent Theologians

13. A letter to Khwaja 'Abbas Khwarzam

14. A letter to Ibn-ul'Amil

15. A letter to whomsoever it may concern

16. A letter to Qadi Imam Sa'eed 'Imadud-din Muhammad Al-Wazzam

17. A letter to all those who want to live a peaceful and pious life

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