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Khadlaj Perfumes

Founded in 1997, by Mr. Mohamed Iqbal, a man with an experience of more than 28 years in the perfumes industry. It is he who believes and lives with motto to provide the best of quality and service to customers, and importantly create a delightful environment when his creations are smelt.
Proudly, all our fragrances are conceived, created, developed and manufactured in the Khadlaj factory.
His passion to create world class perfumery can be felt and smelt in Khadlaj products. He roots deep the values of original creations of perfumes and still keeps the culture alive by the use of original essential oils in Khadlaj products. In his constant endeavor to serve with the best, Mr. Iqbal maintains the rich tradition of Arabic perfumery by using pure natural ingredients such as Dehnal Oudh, Shamamatul Amber, and Ruhul Ward(Rose), the Indian Motiya,etc.
To ensure quality in his blends, he started extraction of the most vital essence in any perfume, the Oudh, composing the heart of his blend.
The same passion can also be seen in our French creations, as he fondly calls this beautiful rendezvous, Oriental meets Occident.
Located in the heart of Dubai’s oldest perfume souq, popularly known as the Souq Murshid, Khadlaj caters to a diverse group of customers, providing a hub for wholesale and retail with success achieved in many international markets. Our success is based on the combination of the best blends in creative packaging plus the unmatched service provided to our customers.
We offer a very diverse and interesting range of high quality fragrances packaged exclusively for our customers. We follow a strong belief of provision of the finest at a very reasonable price to our customers. In the words of the founder, we religiously follow the motto: Respect the Quality, Provide the Best.

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Assorted   Concentrated Perfume Oil by Khadlaj - 6 pack
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