Golden Sand - Al-Rehab Eau De Natural Perfume Spray- 35 ml (1.15 fl. oz)

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Author: Golden Sand
Publisher: Al-Rehab Perfumes

Golden Sand Eau de Parfum by Al-Rehab is a sweet, pleasant fragrance full harmony with amber scent, caramel, Oudh notes and light vanilla.


Contains denatured alcohol (halal) 
Quantity: 35ml

Bottle with spray nozzle

Information about manufacturer Al-Rehab

Al-Rehab Perfumes is an internationally known manufacturer of high quality perfume oils, sprays, attar and air fresheners. 
Al-Rehab was founded in 1975 in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. 
For the production of fine perfume oils and attar Al-Rehab uses high quality ingredients and essences. 

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