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Glory of Iqbal

Glory of Iqbal

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Shaykh Abu Al-Hasan Ali Nadwi



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Awakening Publications

Iqbal's poems established him as a rising poet on the literary horizon of the subcontinent. His brilliance later dazzled the eyes of people living in distant countries and won for him an honourable place amongst the immortal poets of the world. 

It was after his return from Europe that he started his real poetic career. His transitory period was over. His ideas had matured and he had formulated his outlook on human aspects, which lasted, throughout his life.

 "Asraari-Khudi" (Secrets of Self) and "Rumuzi-Bekhudi" (Mysteries of Selflessness) thrilled the literary circles of the East and the West. These poems deliver the message he has for mankind and deal with the development of the individual self and the problems an individual faces as a member of society.

This book describes the life of Allama Iqbal who was undoubtedly one of the greatest Islamic thinkers of all times.  He was in fact, a genius poet, philosopher, lawyer, educator and reformer.

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