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Etiquette for Teachers and Students

Etiquette for Teachers and Students

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Mufti Muhammad Zayd Mazahiri Nadwi

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Darul Ishaat

This book deals with the rights of students and teachers, the causes of depravation of students, the rights of class-mates, the eitiquette of sitting in the classroom, the method of rendering and accepting services and conditions, the methodology of teaching and education, the factors leading to the decline of the lesson, the boundaries of exertion, the importance of studying, advice on refraining from over-exertion, the importance of good health and its principle, the causes of illness and many other words of adivce.

A very beneficial work for teachers and students of sacred knowledge.

Compiled by Mufti Muhammad Zayd Mazahiri Nadwi from the writings of Maulana Ashraf Ali Thanwi.

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