Cobra - Al-Rehab Natural Perfume Spray- 35 ml (1.15 fl. oz)

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Eau De Perfum Natural Spray

From Online Review "A little bit like Christian Dior's Poison mixed with a very small touch of Vivienne Westwood's Boudoir..... it's much spicier than Poison and overall not like Boudoir....Then there is the incense element - it smells like lots of boxes of incense stacked together.... The perfume is very very strong, just the way I like it. You only need a little bit as too much of it might give you a headache. The sillage is heavy to enormous and it is very long lasting.... You can put this on in the morning and still smell it the next morning when you wake up."

Genuine  Al-Rehab spray perfume from UAE/Saudi Arabia/Yemen.  The same beautiful fragrance now available in a spray version. 

Note that  spray perfume contains denatured alcohol.  Denatured refers to the removal of the ethanol product's usage as a beverage/drink and is considered halal to use by Muslims.  Usuage of this spray perfume is approved by reliable scholars of Islam.


Alcohol Denat, Water, Fragrance, Benzophenone-2

For External Use Only

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