Bakhoor Al Salam Spray Perfume (100ml) by Nabeel

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Bakhoor Al Salam Spray Perfume (100ml) by Nabeel
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As intense as her khol lined eyes. As powerful as a jet black stallion. Bakhoor Al Salam is a fragrance that speaks of the deepest passions in the stillest of souls. Titillating top notes of oud, red pepper and rose, trilling middle notes of jasmine, cedarwood and cashmere, and tempting base notes of raspberry, musk and sandal come together in one potion to tantalize all of the senses. Ensconced in the darkest vial, encased in a dark box embellished with gold, the packaging says just enough about the secrets it holds.

Volume: 100 ml

Spray Perfumes

Fragrance Notes

TOP NOTES: Oud, Saffron, Red Pepper, Rose Damascene
MIDDLE NOTES: Orris, Jasmine, Spicy Notes, Cedarwood, Cashmere
BASE NOTES: Amber, Raspberry, Musk, Sandal, Musk, Precious Woods
OLFACTIVE FAMILY: Woody, Spicy, Oriental, Amber

Packaging Details for bulk orders

Quantity per carton: 6 Dozen
Weight of carton: Approx. 27.900 kg
Carton dimension: 54x36.5x50.5
CBM: 0.09954

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