Azad Khuffs (Best Quality Khufian/Leather Socks with Zippers)

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One of the most popular brands of Khuffian (leather socks), Azad’s Khuffian are known for durability, quality material and workmanship and good fitting.   Manufactured in Kanpur, India, Azad socks are compliant for making masah (i.e.  instead of washing the feet during wudhu, it is permissible to pass moist hands over such socks, or Masah alal Khuffain).  Because of their long history in delivering reliable, quality khuffs, we consider Azad Khuffian to be the best brand of leather socks available in the market.  If you have never used a leather socks before, they try it even if it is not for making masah and simply wearing at your office.  It is very pleasant to wear specially during the winter season by keeping your feet warm.

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