Attar Mubakhar by Rasasi - Concentrated Perfume (20 ml)

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Attar Mubakhar by Rasasi Perfumes is oriental Exotic Concentrated Perfume oil. The perfume consists of light and delicate notes, which will fascinate and stimulate the senses. The olfactory pyramid conveys a sensation in which the top, middle and base notes flow in perfect unison. All the notes in the fragrance flow in perfect harmony and create a feeling of contentment. This futuristic and innovative fragrance is bound to attract and hypnotize the wearer. World famous Rasasi concentrated perfume oil “Attar” is alcohol free, safe to use. Comes in a transparent beautiful decorated glass bottle. Annointing rod is attached to the cap for ease of use. This extremely elegant bottle and the plastic outer box complement this genuine Rasasi product.

This genuine Rasasi product is high quality and longer lasting, the perfume is manufactured in United Arab Emirates.

Concentrated attar from Dubai , UAE


Essential Oil + Aroma Chemiclas 80%,

Solvents 20% 15 ML

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