Ahlam Wardiyah - Eau De Parfum (80ml) by Nabeel

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Ahlam Wardiyah - Eau De Parfum (80ml) by Nabeel
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Author: Ahlam Wardiyah
Publisher: Nabeel Perfumes


A blend of strength and femininity is what this fragrance encapsulates. The fragrance brings together mesmerizing rosy top notes with dreamy vanilla. The floral pattern on the flacon is utterly feminine and is packed in a darling red box with a ribbon.

Volume: 80 ml

Spray Perfumes

Fragrance Notes

Top Notes : Tangerine, Rose, Orange blossom
Middle Notes : Cedar, Olibanum
Base Notes : Amber, Vanilla , Oud
Olfactive Family : Floral Woody

Packaging Details for bulk orders

Quantity per Carton : 4 Dozen
Weight of carton: Approx. 17.80 kg
Carton Dimension : 47.50 x 46.50 x 28.50
CBM : 0.0629

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